The Middle East

The region has become the location of choice for asset managers, entrepreneurs and investors. As G7 economies falter, interest rates cause economic damage, personal safety concerns rise, tax rates remain stubbornly high & capital market activity is sluggish, a growing cosmopolitan group of elite international professionals arrives weekly to our region.    

At last count, the top 10 sovereign wealth funds (SWF) of the Middle East totalled c. $4 trillion. Perhaps the most widely visited and known Gulf country – The United Arab Emirates (UAE), formed in December 1971, accounts for over $1.6 trillion of this figure with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait dominating the balance. These numbers sit in stark contrast to the public financial health of the G20 nations, the majority of whom have no sovereign fund at all, only debt. 

Whilst secure local finances & vast SWF are critical to ensuring the installation of world class infrastructure & partnering with global investment monoliths, many of our clients seek to enter the market with smaller tickets and are not yet ready to partner with the SWF.  The last few years has seen a slew of family offices, asset managers, venture capital & private equity firms arrive. This group are well regulated and actively allocating to emerging managers and early stage companies.     

Located at the cross-roads of Asia, Africa and Europe, the region is a natural gateway for international trade and possessing practically limitless capital enables the advantage to be captured. As global power dynamics shift eastward, the natural advantage of geography is also securing an industrial power base underpinning the exponential growth in the blue riband sectors; Technology, Digital Transformation, Urbanisation, Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy Transition & Sports.     

For families relocating there is an abundance of top international schools, leisure activities & housing options all wrapped up in a vibe of tolerance, opportunity & safety. Nearly 90% of the UAE population is expatriate and just 10% Emirati – in our experience, this creates an atmosphere of welcome & social connection irrespective of your country of origin. Last but not least, the fiscal advantages for individuals and corporates are the icing on the cake for many new residents.