The Final Countdown

It’s the last full week before our Cap Intro Summit is held in The Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you will know that we bring together 10-15 fund managers and founders from Europe, North America and Australasia, with around 30 institutional Gulf-located investors.

We do this four times a year in the UAE, helping those raising capital engage with the Gulf’s top LPs – from Family Offices to Sovereign Wealth Funds.

But you’ve been reading these posts for a while now, so you already knew that!

PS if you want to learn more about what we do – click on the image below to watch a recent LinkedIn post from co-founder Simon Davies:

So we’re nine days out and it really is crunch time. We’ve spent the last 7 weeks traveling across the US and Europe, as well as countless hours on Zoom, recording video podcasts with our promoting firms which we’ll share with our investor friends from today.

In these final days before the event, we’re making sure that data rooms are complete, high quality logos are in, pitch decks are perfect, NDAs are ready to go and that GP/Founder LinkedIn profiles and company pages are up to scratch!

We ensure that the investors in the room are relevant to the 14 funds & founders joining us next week and will be fully briefed on the opportunities ahead of next week’s Summit.

So now you know about the prep and build-up to the event, how do things work on the evening itself? Well first of all, we host our Summits on a Wednesday and in the evening for good reason. We’ve tried every style of cap intro event you can imagine, from full-day and night events by the beach in Abu Dhabi, to lunch round-tables, and have landed on Wednesday evenings being the best time. Wednesday’s because it gives our fund managers and founders a few days after the event to organise follow-up meetings and evenings because it means that our investors don’t have to rush back to their desks and they can relax in a post-work environment and really get to know the managers and entrepreneurs in the room.

So with that in mind, we have a maximum of 65 people in the ‘DXB Lounge’, which looks like the one you can see in the image below, which we create within a cool and private space. Funds and founders have their own sofa, table service and presentation opportunity to the room. And then aside from one panel and one key note speaker, the evening is all about engaging with the investors in the room. It is our job as DXBP to ensure we bring relevant investors over to your sofa (in between the odd sip of a cocktail). 

The goal here isn’t to go through your pitchbook page by page, but to try and get your personality across, be liked and ultimately confirm that second meeting – whether that’s the next day in a local Starbucks or in 2 weeks on a video call – be brief, be liked and book that next meeting! Simple…

We look forward to welcoming those of you joining us next week in Dubai. For those who would like to join us at our next Cap Intro Summit in Dubai on 6th December – make sure to drop us an email.