Successful Capital Raising at 'In Person' Events

Revitalising in-person events for a smarter, more efficient way to network in the alternatives space

Following an enforced break during the pandemic, in-person events are back with a vengeance! 2022 saw attendances back to and beyond 2019 levels as over 13mn of us learned to coalesce our Zoom, Teams and Google behaviours with getting back on an aircraft and meeting people face to face. Most of us felt a pent up demand to be back on the road and at first the emergence back into the light of a conference venue felt vital and comforting. After all, the hedge fund and alternatives industry pretty much invented the football stadium sized crowds turning up to locations as diverse as Miami and Kuala Lumpur.

But here in 2023, things have perhaps changed, tastes have moved on & we explore how we now attach value to the ticket, travel and time cost of event attendance. We also explore how the excitement and buzz of a fund marketer coming home with a pocket full of new contacts can make the most of them all efficiently and effectively.

Let’s start with some controversial observations. The end of the pandemic era coincided with the start of a deeply demanding period in the G7 capital and financial markets. To create returns, to stem redemptions, to hire, to fire whilst watching our economic systems come under attack from inflation, hiked interest rates & astonishing politics creates different behaviours in a driven, high achieving workforce than was evident during those halcyon days of upward sloping markets.

Increased anxiety, a desire to work harder, stay later, think more creatively, improvise, take risk & be bold all take hold. Alternative fund managers by their nature don’t sit back and utter could, would, should statements. Their moment to shine comes at times like now when the going gets really tough. This is when reputations are made and the real ‘alpha’ is created. We notice amongst our team and our closest clients, we are all, definitively, working harder and yes, smarter too.

With this green screen in place, sometimes it simply doesn’t feel like the time to be heading across 3 continents for a week-long conference. Have those days gone or are those events starting to imperceptibly subside. Probably. We want the thought leadership, the keynote big dogs & the recently retired politicians telling us all the things they should have done when still in office! But this diet is available from so many places now at a time to suit us all and all from the comfort of our home office or branch of Starbucks.

You may think it odd that a business that centres itself on bringing world class people together for in person cap intro days would talk openly about these topics. Well, we must. But here’s the rub, the single most repeated refrain from the buy and sell side in the alternatives space is the desire for an efficient and effective use of event time allied to one key phrase – get me in front of the strategies & the allocators.

Now let’s add into the mix that finance in the region we call home is quite simply the fastest growing, most exciting & alive market on earth right now. Whilst the G7 fund sector mostly saw redemptions in 2022, our region, conservatively, wrote cheques north of $150bn. But this renaissance is new. Many of us remember a time when Dubai was mostly desert. Sometimes it’s barely believable that what we see in front of us now is real and lasting. We’re here to tell you that it’s here and it’s staying. Yes, there will be cycles, deep ones, shallow ones and sometimes long ones but the trend line is steeply upward.

There’s a tricky marriage value here though: evidential proof that allocations are here to be won, in size, but yet very little playbook to lean on to win them. What works at Consensus in TX doesn’t easily translate in UAE. Very few fund groups have spent years here winning the outsized mandates because their existence is relatively recent phenomenon.

And so, we are working 24/7 to connect the dots – to land the first pioneering fund managers in the region from the US, UK, Switzerland and beyond because they will surely be the dominant multi-billion and trillion dollar shops of the next 10 years. To close here are our top 6 tips to making the most of our in-person cap intro events:

1. Craft your 30-word summary email to be sent immediately after the event and include a link to your pitch deck (max 10 slides) with a call to action included – the follow up call/meeting/video. You will want to involve us wherever you think we can
help get those follow up engagements booked

2. Capitalise on the shared experience by noting what happened at the event and using it as the hook for all your conversations. Maybe you also created some content from the event, share it with your new contacts

3. Share all your content with us as well as your own channels. We will share/repost
and generally ensure your brand has maximum local exposure in the region

4. Request at your 1 on 1 meetings full permission to add details to your CRM database and ensure you can contact without limitation

5. Tell your new connections when you’re next going to be in the Gulf. Use dates and position this is part of your long term commitment to the region

6. Finally, provide content to your new friends that goes beyond your fund or business. Supply them with evidence of your authentic views and opinions as a thought leader not just a CEO


In summary, we welcome you to find out more and join a complimentary webinar or dive in and book yourself on the next cap intro day! All available at