Reducing the Delta: Preparation Preparation Preparation

We’ve all been there. Deliberating whether or not to purchase tickets to the next big ‘networking’ event, deciding whether or not to ‘add tickets to cart’. And the promos can be rather enticing: lots of ‘investors’ in the room, fancy stages, keynote speakers & after parties. Miami is a fun place after all!

But what we’re willing to bet significant Dirham on is that there is no speak of how to increase the chances of success i.e. raise capital at said event. Buy your ticket, book your flight & off you go…

We do things a little differently at DXB Partners. Notwithstanding the fact that we only bring 10-15 fund managers & founders into our patch every quarter, to meet an intimate room of institutional Gulf investors, we don’t simply sell you a ticket to an event and thank you for coming on the evening.

Rather, we work with you to do everything we can to maximise your chances of raising capital at the event, which is why we typically close new applications 6 weeks before our events (hint: that’s next week for our September event).

Each fund or company we partner up with is unique, but generally there are a number of preparation areas we work on together to ensure your chances of raising capital in the Middle East are maximised, before you’ve even stepped off the plane.

This preparation phase can include, website amendments, podcast & content creation, pitch deck improvements & data room collaboration.

Last week we were in Zurich filming some of the fund managers joining us in September. This content (audio & video) will be edited and sent to our investor base prior to the event in September. We can’t be clearer here: this preparation is absolutely key to reducing the delta to success when you’re in the region & is why we spend at least 6 weeks with our promoters ahead of events in this preparation phase.