Raising Capital in 3 Steps

B2B capital raising for fund managers and founders can sometimes appear a dark art, especially when compared to the process driven sales and marketing machines created by world class B2C firms. Somehow, it seems easier, with the right budget, to figure out how to sell a new chocolate bar than using the same budget to market an intangible professional service or promise of future riches via an equity raise! They certainly don’t taste as good…   

Evidence of efficacy for fund managers & early-stage founders around the use of paid, earned and owned media to drive cap intro traction is scarce. In our experience, finding B2B professional services social media advisers who don’t just sell the latest snake oil is even harder.

But, don’t for a minute think we succumb to anti diluvian tendencies in this regard. On the contrary we love LinkedIn, we try very hard to post at least 3 times a week, every week and try even harder to say something mildly interesting and create content that will offer someone, somewhere a useful steer. Additionally, the blog you’re reading is 1 of 2 papers we write 52 weeks a year – regular readers please keep an eye out for this year’s Christmas issues which may be written whilst imbibing a decent bottle of Pauillac.  

And so, we find ourselves at the start of our 3-step process designed to put structure and order around the capital raising journey:

Step 1. Story-telling:

  1. Using podcasts, video, audio and super short impact papers to tell your story, that of your founders and your clients. ‘Creating human interest before financial interest’ will immediately separate you from those folks focused on decades old techniques of using dry decks and tear-sheets.
  2. Distributing that content across LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify and other platforms must then become part of the weekly routine.
  3. Top Tip: a post or blog about you, your team, your clients or your secret sauce will get over 30x the traction than a ‘market update, comment on industry news or repost of someone else’s economic thoughts’.      

Step 2. Network Build:

  1. The most important thing we all need when arriving somewhere new is a network to tap into. The problem is that building a quality network of decision makers, investors and introducers takes years when self-directed. To mitigate this challenge and create ready-made networks, we launched our in-person summit calendar – 6 to 8 events per year designed to equip a fund or founder with everyone they simply must know in our region in an unparalleled timescale.     
  2. Top Tip: In the Middle East, achieving personal introductions is the holy grail. We tend to be open to sharing our networks and by meeting over 120 VIPs over 1 year at our summits you will benefit from a multiplier effect helping land you with the right total community size to get long term traction.  

Step 3. Representation:

  1. After all that hard work, your network needs to see and feel your brand in region consistently. We offer an annual representation solution that ensures our team are talking about you to your new network fixing follow up calls, meetings and webinars whilst also distributing content. This will not negate the need for you to commit to being in the region but it will ensure your story remains alive and interest can be turned into allocations month in month out
  2. Top Tip: Not placement agency or third party marketing but a ready made, highly cost-effective outsourced sales, marketing, events & communications team.      

If we lit a spark and you’d like to discuss your project or fund management firm, please say hello and tell us all about your story.