Raiser – A brand new virtual marketplace in the Middle East connecting funds and founders with professional investors  

Yes, we get it, everyone is building a marketplace, a platform, a venue these days. 

We got FOMO & built another one. 

The end.

Woah there, not so fast. 

For years we’ve been looking around the Gulf region for a compliant, secure website that elegantly matched professional investors with screened funds and founder projects.

The more we talked to people, the more we saw the need in this region for: 

  • A place where the buy side can meet the sell side, digest some exciting video/audio content & connect together on the platform
  • A place where funds and projects coming into the Gulf can get eyeballs and where investors get to discover public and private market opportunities that so often sit under the radar
  • A place which supports the fund manager or entrepreneur’s book-build process
  • A place which compliments your own outreach strategy & speeds up the discovery & ‘dating’ phase
  • A place protected by a login and compliance firewall. Let’s unpack the compliance aspect a bit further shall we? Funds and founders need to know that investors logged into the platform are:
    • Accredited professional investors
    • From a geography that meets their marketing clearances & targets
    • Are proactively requesting information in all cases from the sell side when onboarding to receive login credentials
  • And just as importantly, keeps marketing materials away from public, retail market access      

Just as importantly, our research showed a few things that weren’t high on our target user lists. Our primary desire is to create a shop window & communication catalyst with a great user experience – so, many people told us to avoid offering CRM, data-room or complicated search capability. Further, realising that professional investors have tried and time tested trading and dealing processes we decided early on not to offer a marketplace that enabled parties to deal or arrange transactions within the platform.        

By the way, we know that our fund and founder clients do often need an investor relations portal for their own websites to enable efficient data management & dissemination of information & timely updates. But they tend to look to us for recommendations of where to go for this functionality rather than expect us to deliver software solutions. We are pleased to confirm that we have some top- drawer partners available to talk to if you have requirements in this space.    

So back, to the story.


All in all, we couldn’t find a marketplace that met our clients’ needs.    

So, we built one & the MVP of Raiser goes live in a few weeks. Onboarding takes less than 3 minutes, just a couple of clicks then to login, simple and elegant tiles showing opportunities, short videos & podcasts about the products plus buttons to connect you directly with the teams involved. Everything that is needed to get the conversation started without the fluff or complication.   

We’re installing a SAAS commercial model with those raising capital paying to play. Investors & allocators get access gratis.     

For early adopters, we have a waiting list for funds, founders and investors – we’d love you to spend 1 minute joining it by clicking the link and help us make this a roaring success.  We’ll be issuing some special offers and features to all of you on the waiting list.

Sign up to the wait list here or scan the QR code for early access: