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Access Our Latest Webinar On Unlocking Middle Eastern Capital

The Middle East is fast becoming one of the most exciting places to be for entrepreneurs, fund managers and investors alike. With the top 10 GCC sovereign wealth funds amounting to over $4 trillion and Family Offices moving to the region almost daily, meeting investors in the region is an attractive proposition for foreign asset managers and entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.

However whilst the Middle East presents an unparalleled wall of capital, it can be a difficult market to enter & navigate

At DXB Partners, our founders’ buy and sell-side experience, combined with over 12 years spent on-the-ground in the region, gives us unparalleled insight into the nuances of the region and allows us to help asset managers & entrepreneurs to raise capital from the region.

We provide specialist insight into local regulations, relationships, politics, platforms and products to help funds and entrepreneurs raise capital.

Through a combination of exclusive cap intro events and bespoke advisory services, we work with clients to ensure they have the best chance possible of raising & keeping capital in the region.

Learn More About The Region: DXB Webinars

DXB Partners is uniquely positioned to provide up-to-date insights on the region’s investment landscape. 

We offer a complimentary Cap Intro webinar to help fund managers and entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of this market. 

The webinars are hosted by the DXB team and cover topics such as the nuances of raising capital from the Middle East, strategies that sell and the types of investors that attend our events. 

Access is complimentary for all.