Our Edge

Here’s some of the DNA that we believe differentiates us from our peer group:

Located in the 'Capital of Capital'

With a little bit of foresight and a whole bunch of luck we found ourselves in the one region of the world mostly unaffected by the western world’s ailments.

Walking in our client’s shoes

We know just how it feels launching new funds, founding businesses, making payroll, managing investment teams, distributing cross border – our founders have been doing it for over 40 years.

We were new here too

Almost all our clients that end up raising money and creating a presence in the region have come from somewhere else. We truly relate to the tailwinds and headwinds because we made the exact same journey a few years back.

Stories before statistics

So much of getting capital introductions to work is centred upon landing an authentic and compelling story delivered by fundamentally likeable people. We encourage hero level bravery from all clients to move away from charts, awards, monthly performance tables & market analysis. Instead, we encourage personal narratives, client case studies & team involvement. 

Content not decks

Does anyone ever sell anything from a PowerPoint deck? We often wonder why they even exist and endure! We love to create podcasts, videos, teasers & talking points – all the tools that will make you memorable with allocators whilst everyone else is sending NDAs and tear sheets.   


No, not the type who populate Instagram, but the professional door-openers and networkers. Our region is all about networks & relationships. Rather than bemoan intermediation we embrace & encourage it as it multiplies our ability to prise open allocations for our clients.