"The GCC region is experiencing tremendous growth, providing exceptional opportunities for entrepreneurs and alternative fund managers operating in 'megatrend' sectors."

Our team are experts in Middle Eastern investment opportunities and have identified 5 megatrends that are driving interest in the region.

These megatrends are transforming the world we live in and are particularly visible in the Gulf, where they inform the asset allocation and capital deployment decisions of professional investors, large and small.

For funds and projects seeking to raise capital in the GCC, the prospects for success are greatly enhanced if there is an authentic linkage to one or more of the 5 megatrends:

Digital Technology

Digital Technology has already transformed the world we live in. 

By 2025, it is estimated that 75 billion devices will be connected to the internet, creating vast opportunities for entrepreneurs and fund managers alike. The GCC has already experienced significant growth in the technology sector, with companies like Careem and being acquired for billions of dollars.

Climate Change

Climate Change is another megatrend that is impacting our world. The human-caused warming of the atmosphere is leading to environmental degradation, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and fund managers to invest in sustainable solutions.

The GCC, with its vast oil resources, is also investing heavily in renewable energy, such as solar power, to diversify its economy and reduce its carbon footprint. 

Dubai hosts the 2023 COP28 event at the end of November which will cement & showcase the region as playing a major part in protecting our planet.

Emerging Global Wealth

Emerging Global Wealth is creating vast opportunities for entrepreneurs and fund managers. 

As the two largest populations in the world, China and India, start to accumulate assets, the world is getting wealthier, creating opportunities for investments in luxury goods, real estate, and other high-end products and services.  Closer to our home, since the first shipments of oil in the 1960s we have seen an exponential growth in Middle Eastern wealth with a significant trickle down to many strata of society.

Demographics & Healthcare

Demographics & Healthcare is a megatrend that is becoming increasingly important as populations age, birth rates slow down, and fertility rates decline.

This megatrend is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and fund managers to invest in healthcare, biotech, healthtech, pharmaceuticals, and other related industries. The GCC, with its rapidly ageing population, is particularly ripe for investment in these sectors.


Urbanisation is the final megatrend that is transforming the world. 

An increasing concentration of the world’s population in cities is creating vast opportunities for entrepreneurs and fund managers to invest in infrastructure, real estate, proptech and other related opportunities.

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