LinkedIn for Funds & Founders

This blog is designed to help you make LinkedIn the Ferrari V12 engine of your top of funnel investor lead generation. Your secret weapon is you (not your product, innovation or fund) and your story. LinkedIn gives you a stage for your story like no other platform out there.   


So, what are our credentials for writing about Linkedin marketing.  


Well, unlike the small army of people out there with hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers suggesting you too can be making $8mn a day by next Tuesday, we have built our entire top of funnel lead engine from LinkedIn and only from a combined <10k follower tribe. We can’t rely on the mud at wall effect of the ‘top voices’ because we simply don’t have the number of followers they do…but it hasn’t mattered one bit.    


If we can build a multi-million $ funnel from LinkedIn, undoubtedly so can you. The ROI here is off the scale compared to any other form of marketing we have tried. And the sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that I’m no spring chicken – at 53, I came very late to LinkedIn (October 2022 to be precise) & have, through considerable trial and error figured out how to use it and learned to love it. But I very definitely haven’t been on this journey for a decade or more. 


So, this blog is really about how David can actually compete with Goliath using the magic of LinkedIn – all the numbers and stats I use are real world, boutique & achievable:


  1. Fund managers & most early stage founders are extremely poorly represented on LinkedIn. Consequently, those that have embraced the platform are hitting it out the park. If you have 2.5k followers you will already be in the top 3% of Linkedin members.    

  2. Microsoft own LinkedIn after M&A in 2016 and it is generally renowned as a highly trust worthy platform with minimal levels of hate and disrespect.   

  3. A premium subscription is essential.

  4. Turn creator mode on – less than 1% of 1bn LinkedIn members use it. It’s all about finding the corners of LinkedIn that aren’t well used and jumping on them.

  5. Followers v connections – you can be following and have unlimited followers but only a max 30,000 connections – it’s perfectly possible to find and add 100 connections per week, 5,200 per year and in less than 6 years you’re there! – connections are where you will do business, followers are your tribe in waiting, in stealth mode! And don’t forget the lurkers, those who never show themselves to you until the moment they want your help.       


Focus your follows and connects on: 

  • Those who can buy your product or service
  • Those who could introduce a client to you
  • Groups relevant to your industry
  • Thought leaders you admire
  • And the BIG ONE: your competitors (commenting on their posts will work wonders as their tribe is probably your tribe too and future clients will see you in the chains and want to know more about you) 


Make the LinkedIn algo your friend – it loves those who like and most of all comment. Commenting and then posting are the primary currencies on LinkedIn


Now some posting preparation:


  • Get some pro photos done of you and team mates in different locations and outfits – recycle these photos to add to each post
  • Your banner profile is important – use Canva to do a quick design that is in your brand colours blended with a smiley headshot 
  • Diarise an hour or two a week and write the bones of your posts just ahead of time 
  • If you find it difficult to write on a laptop because of inbound email/alert distractions – consider buying a dumb writing device like a freewrite (   
  • Write posts & then copy paste to LinkedIn
  • If you’re in the US, 0800 EST on a Tuesday is a great time to post but most of all try different days and times to find your sweetspot.    
  • Post 3x per week minimum:

                        1 about you

                        1 about something you are an expert in – deliver free but valuable info 

                        1 Call to Action about the firm or fund that you run

                        Always add a headshot or v short video to your posts

                        @ your team mates

                        # relevant keywords 

  • Play with some paid posts and boosted posts 
  • Hire here and post your job ads here  
  • Plenty of white space on every post
  • 150 characters to get attention at the top of each post
  • Reply to every comment you get as quickly as you can 


Try not to post about market movements, deep technical events in your sector or repost financial or political headlines UNLESS you have deeply unique or contrarian views. Try to take the road less travelled.   


Be very selective on the award announcements, minimise the team having Friday night drink posts. It’s all been done to death and nobody will even give you a second look – worse still they’ll bucket you with every other firm creating samey content.  


Be pithy and edgy without crossing over to shock jock land. Be concise, clear and compelling.                 


When you comment on a post, don’t be negative, avoid ‘great post’ & do tag others in your convo chain (the algo loves this) and ask questions.   


Find your own voice by plagiarising others you like reading blended with your own flavour.


So, now, what does good look like?


If you’re follower group is under <5k: then 2.5k impressions, 50 likes and 10 comments is a very decent set of stats for a post.   


And if you follow our advice to the letter, within 3 months you should be seeing 20 enquiries a month of a pretty serious nature about your business or fund. At this level of interest, you’re adding raw material leads that can bring 7 or 8 figures into your business.


The hardest part of LinkedIn is keeping it all going and constantly being creative. But you’re all founding legends so I know that won’t get in your way!