Last Week's Cap Intro Workshop in Zurich was a Big Hit!

Whilst we’re known for our cap intro summits & events in the Middle East, our founding team are Brits by birth, so whilst the temperature remains above 40 Celsius / 105 Fahrenheit in the Gulf until September, we are staying in the shade & hosting a series of smaller events in Europe across the Summer.

Last Thursday evening we hosted a cap intro workshop in Zurich – an intimate gathering of local investors, advisors & influencers, who heard from three brilliant fund managers:

  1. B2 – Government Backed Receivables
  2. Nordic Eye – Secondaries VC
  3. Trockland – Berlin Real Estate Development

The event allowed those in the room to hear a short pitch about each opportunity & then spend the rest of the evening finding out more about the strategies that piqued their interest.


Get in touch if you’re interested in either of these events.

As well as showcasing strategies to investors (Family Offices, Private Banks etc) in regions that otherwise they would likely not see, there were a number of door openers in the room who can help with local fund structuring & other introductions – just one of the reasons we advise taking all meetings when with us.


In keeping with today’s subject line, we did get a chance to have a fantastic lunch at Restaurant Neumarkt with our fund structuring & management friends at MRB Partners on Friday, which we highly recommend.


So what’s next? Our upcoming cap intro summit (30 institutional investors & 15 fund managers & entrepreneurs) takes place in Dubai on 20th September.

Before then, we’re hosting a bespoke event for a 3rd generation art dealer turned fund manager in London on 2nd August.

Get in touch if you’re interested in either of these events.