Introducing Raiser - Reach Gulf-based investors for only $599 a month

Yes, you read that right.


It’s the reassuringly cost-effective entry price plan for joining our new marketplace, RAISER. Created by us for internationally located funds and founders wanting access to Gulf investor eyeballs.


The world and his sister is arriving here these days! But we know that entering a new market for the first time with no network or brand awareness can be daunting. We wondered for years why we couldn’t find a simple B2B discovery platform in the Middle East that connected sell side to buy side. And so, after scratching our heads for a while we created one! The take-up so far has been astonishing.   


RAISER is dedicated to one thing – enabling Gulf based investors to find you & reach out.    


Either as a compliment to our Catalyst full in-person marketing solution or on a standalone basis, we welcome you to imagine how you would benefit by watching a quick video below:

In less than 30 minutes, you could be live on RAISER: our cost effective, compliant & secure digital marketplace.  

> Upload & edit compelling content about your fund or capital raise
> No long contracts
> Easy in
> Easy out
> Showcase just 1 fund/company OR your entire fund family
> Free until 1 April

Click here to sign up today.


Or, contact Raiser lead David who will welcome you with a ton of product knowledge wrapped in a dose of Irish charm!


We look forward to seeing your capital raise on RAISER.