Ditch the Deck

Creating high impact marketing communications for our fund & founder clients sits at the start and heart of our 3-step capital raising process.

This week’s paper considers why firms still focused on their pitch books, decks and power-points are unlikely to raise as much capital as they need or indeed, raise at all!

Let’s get started.

Visual information can be processed over 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, 1 visual image or short video is worth 60,000 words…

Let that sink in for a second or two. 

The attention span for an audience listening to a slide-based presentation used to be around 7 minutes. Now it’s under 3 minutes. Let’s be clear here, most of the audience has turned off completely after just 2 slides.

Most times, the deck presenter has not had media training so, yes, they may well be a subject matter expert but rarely have they learned the skills of professional presenting. Another reason for an audience to tune out at high speed.  

Moving across to distributing presentations now, under 2% of email recipients will read the deck they just got sent cover to cover and under 10% will even open it.

LinkedIn video posts are 5x more likely to get conversations started than text based posts.

When we think about our fund manager friends, 100% of them rely entirely on their team to do what they do. The problem is that nearly 100% of them also create decks that are focused on something other than their alpha creators. An industry full of statistics and data tempts marketing teams to show those statistics to customers. But the customer really just wants to buy the people in the firm and expects you to handle the stats, tables and charts.  

So, the very best place for a statistic rich deck is in the data-room. It should never see the light of day during your pitches. When you’re tempted to screen share a slide page, stop yourself and make a 1 minute video on your iphone about the topic, or ask your client to record a clip and send it to you to share.     

We reckon we’ve used up our 3 minutes of your text based attention now – so let’s get visual. 

Bolt is 8 or 9 years old and has raised over $1.3bn. It uses high impact video to land its messages to investors and is famous for banning decks in its business.  

This is 1min 54 seconds of what ‘great’ looks like when you want to simplify a complex business, share core values and prep investors for writing very large cheques:    


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