Compelling Capital Introduction

The Middle East can be a tricky region from which to raise capital. DXB Partners help you unlock the unparalleled liquidity that exists here


Capital Introduction (Cap Intro) is one of our three core solutions at DXB Partners, alongside Funds & Trading. Traditionally cap intro is a function performed by the prime brokerage desk of an Investment Bank, whereby the bank’s hedge fund clients are introduced to potential investors. More recently, many events companies run huge global events bringing together fund managers, service providers and potential investors, often with the promise of pitching to potential investors, alongside keynote speakers, gala dinners, club nights, and free ‘swag’ (we’ve all got a drawstring bag and pair of socks collecting dust somewhere at home from one of these events)!

DXB Partners Cap Intro 1-day sprints are managed a little differently. Our intimate events bring together 5 to 10 Fund Managers & Entrepreneurs seeking investors & c. 40 institutional allocators looking for unique investment opportunities, for a cost-effective, efficient day.



We believe that a cap intro event should be about one thing – maximising your chances of raising capital. That’s why our events give promoters (Fund Managers / Entrepreneurs / Platforms) the opportunity to focus on just that, via 1:1 meetings throughout the day.

Our Partners have over 40 years combined financial services experience raising capital and over 12 years on-the-ground Middle Eastern exposure. We know just how difficult it can be for Western firms to gain hard commitments from the region and what is required to unlock the unparalleled capital that exists here. That’s why we have thrown out the fancy dinners and hourly ‘breakaways’ – to allow you to focus on pitching for capital from top investors.



We proudly partner with Alt Events Group, whose team have been running financial services events in the Middle East for over a decade. We ensure that the 5-10 funds & companies that are seeking capital manage diversified strategies / work in varying industries. From the allocator (investor) side, the c. 40 regional institutional investors include Family Offices, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds & Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Promoters pre-book meetings via our app with the allocators they would like to meet, to ensure your day runs efficiently. 

Once soft commitments have been obtained via the meetings, DXB Partners continues to add value by ensuring follow-up meetings are scheduled and soft commitments are converted. Furthermore, should it be necessary to setup local Middle Eastern structures (e.g. Feeder Funds) to capture local flows, DXB Partners can assist with the setup, hosting & ongoing distribution, if required.



We host monthly cap intro events in the Middle East & Europe. Our next cap intro day is 2 May 2023 in Dubai, with a further event on 25/26 May in Abu Dhabi. Register your interest here or send an email to the team to discuss attending. We look forward to seeing you at a future event.