Capital Raise Success: Product or People?

Perhaps the most common question we get from fund managers and founders concerns the asset classes and business sectors that are hot right now in the Middle East.

Our response is always the same.

There will always be a few themes floating around at any point in time (e.g. private credit, energy transition and crypto right now – Q4 2023).

BUT & it’s a big but…

The most important determinant of winning allocations from our investor network comes down to just 3 things:

  • A visible brand
  • The quality, likeability & availability of the pitch team
  • The commitment to adding value in this region

You could be managing the hottest performing company or fund with a track record to die for but if our investors can’t relate to you, build a friendship & believe you will plant a flag here, tickets may never come. Our community can smell a hit & quit mission solely to raise capital at 1000 paces!

Given the paucity of capital allocations in most western markets, the most active investors here now see almost everyone and everything. They are spoilt for choice & will often look for a firm to have a localisation strategy to help sort wheat from chaff. 

From a brand perspective, if the product or track record are peer group leading but the web or LinkedIn presence is sub-par, this will greatly limit the prospects of success. Our LinkedIn mantra remains 3 proprietary posts a week added to your reposts and likes.     

We also encourage founders to take a long hard look in the mirror – the skills that make an innovator and disruptor are not always those that make an effective MVP sales-person & relationship builder. Your #1 consultative sales-person should be in the Gulf on the front line battling with us to get traction. Along similar lines, fund managers who are not natural marketers or communicators are unlikely to get traction here.   

So, here’s the good news. We have been raising capital on a combined basis for well over 40 years. There’s not much we haven’t seen. Our business is a work in progress, sometimes messy, sometimes running on rails. We assume our client’s shops are the same, so whatever tweaks need to be made, we’re up for the challenge to collaboratively work with you to play to your strengths and identify the weaknesses. Our economic model is greatly biased to helping you succeed!

If you’re thinking about hitting 2024 hard by marketing and distributing in the Gulf, please connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us for a while, see how we roll and when you’re ready, we’d love to meet you in person.