5 Reasons Why Professional Investors Attend Our In-Person Cap Intro Events

With over 40 years’ experience in the asset management industry, we’re passionate about providing the investors who attend our in-person cap intro events with the maximum possible ROI. If you’re considering working with us, here are 5 reasons to encourage you to be with us at our next summit on September 20 in Dubai:

  1. Vetted & Screened: You can be assured that every fund & entrepreneur we bring to an event has been subjected to our in-house due diligence processes. The majority of the opportunities we see will not make the cut and therefore will not qualify to be a promoter at our events. After all, we’ve been managing money for decades so we know what the buy & sell side are looking for!
  2. Efficient Networking: We know that our in-person events must provide a concentrated and focused networking environment without taking you away from the desk for too long. Through a mix of 1 to 1 meetings and social networking, investors can directly connect with each other, saving time and effort compared to traditional networking channels.
  3. Thought Leadership: Our cap intro events feature insightful presentations and panel discussions by industry experts and thought leaders. We focus on what is really happening in the Middle East: attempting to separate the real stories from the headlines.
  4. Megatrends: We know that many investors are increasingly focused on investing within the secular macro trends such as climate change & de-carbonisation, the wealth effect, urbanisation, digital & web3, asset backed yield, healthcare etc. For that reason, we focus on working with promoting funds & entrepreneurs in these verticals.
  5. Under the Radar: Most weeks we are in contact with many projects, funds and strategies all bidding to join 1 of our cap intro events. The majority will not make the cut. Those that do are often teams, brands and strategies from G7 markets that the GCC region hasn’t already seen or are newly arrived in the region. From time to time, we also find some best kept secrets already operating in the region that in our opinion deserve new capital and support!

Watch our Testimonial Video from May 25th

Hear directly from the attendees themselves as they share their insights, experiences, and the reasons that motivated them to be a part of our last cap intro event.