101: DXBP Cap Intro Events

For those of you considering attending one of our in person cap intro summits in the Middle East or a workshop in Europe, this edition of our weekly newsletter is just for you! Here are our top 10 tips and hints to maximise your experience and enhance your chances of getting meaningful conversations started which lead to tickets written.  

1. Arrive at least 24 hours before the event, we pre-book a pretty intensive meeting and discussion schedule at our events so it’s always advisable to be ready and prepared.


2. Call or WhatsApp our team, day or night with any last minute questions or concerns. We are here to facilitate the best possible outcome and want to allay worries as far as possible.   


3. Be ready with a few flavours of your verbal story and pitch. Slide decks and laptops rarely work well when speed-dating so be ready to use your lived experience to show how special your fund or company is. 

4. Ask your guest to share as much detail of what they are looking for as possible. Much better that you establish their needs and objectives even if that gives you less time to pitch.  

5. Most of our events are organised so you can wear business casual clothing, comfort is key particularly when the temperatures are north of 35C outside!   

6. Set up a team WhatsApp group and take notes from every meeting via voice recordings – make sure to log those action points and promises.

7. Don’t worry if you miss a business card or 2. We will ensure that you have all contact details for your CRM database. And use the cocktail hour at the end of the day to get to those people you had less time with during the meeting sessions. 

8. If you are staying in region for a couple of days after the event – make sure to book that follow up coffee with your guest – this should be a priority outcome from every meeting you have. If you’re leaving straight away, get those video calls booked. 

9. Some meetings on your schedule may appear less relevant than others. Don’t worry – we’ve been doing this a long time and we know that influencers and door openers are often just as important as that prized allocator brand. Always, always, take the meeting.

10. Come back! You would be surprised how many firms don’t commit to their next trip, be willing to make the pace and demonstrate your willingness to chase down those tickets. Tell your guest the dates you’re back in town and pre-book their calendar.